In this article, we discuss the future of innovation; for that, it is essential to understand what innovation is. Most of us think that innovation is merely related to technology, but innovation is related to us humans. Evidently, It’s about the future of our society.

More precisely, innovation is the approach used to tackle and resolve the problems around us that cannot be solved and reveal new ways to do things.

Both innovation and technology go side by side. Instead of just inventing, we need to take society along with it. Moreover, we need to teach people what the future will be like and how they will survive.

The Future of Innovation

Innovation is unlimited; it is what we imagine. The more imagination, the more you can innovate. Innovations always start from a unique idea that comes to mind. The statement can come randomly from anywhere.

During scrolling social media, your mind clicks in a dream or even during the morning walk. When we watch science fiction, we see flying cars, teleportation, time travel, and whatnot. The question arises in our mind how can these significant innovations?


If we look at the field of medicine and healthcare, scientists are working on artificial neurons on silicon chips. We will be using these artificial neurons in medical implants to treat several nervous system diseases shortly.

Artificial neurons embedded in a Silicon Chip

Some of you may have heard about Xenotransplants (inserting pigs’ hearts into humans). However, after successful surgeries and minimal survival chances, we can successfully transplant animal organs and even human tissues with more advancements and trials.


AI is taking over the world, and the same is the healthcare case. AI robots will completely take over the disease diagnosis power. A significant advancement is the use of 3D printers to print bones and tissue in the near future.


We have started to hear about self-driving or autonomous cars for quite some time. We can see some advancements as Tesla introduces a fully self-driven car with advanced hardware and artificial intelligence.

A Luxury Car with a Rechargeable Battery

Scientists have been working on car batteries that could charge within 10 minutes and save time.


Smart homes are also future innovations. You should have heard about self-ironing machines and self-cleaning. Still, the invention has also been made by the thought of developing energy-storing bricks to help homes make energy on their own will bring innovation.

Concrete is the second most used material after water, and innovators are working on developing Self-healing concrete, which is more environmentally friendly and load-bearing.

Energy Storing Bricks


Clothing is made smart with time; new functionalities have been added, like self-heating clothes are already available. So, what can be the future? The scientists of MIT have been working on giving ears clothes. They have developed a cloth that can hear the heartbeat, clapping, and some faint sounds. It can lead to intelligent clothes for blinds.


Scientists are working on producing food in labs. The progress includes Lab-made meat and some dairy products as well. This will lead to an excess of food, which will help the people in drought. The future may be food enclosed in a small capsule.

Innovation is not only related to physical things or gadgets. It also includes software and mobile applications. We have already innovated several new ways of improving and making life easy by introducing applications in our devices like UBER, which provides a taxi to your doorstep.

Lab-made food

New applications can emerge after tackling the gaps and problems around us. We have already converted conferences and interviews online through video calls, but experts are working on giving a real-life experience of the person you are talking to. In short, the future of innovation lies in our imagination.

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